Guide To Create Safe and Strong Password for Liteblue Account

If you want to login Liteblue USPS Gov account then you need to use Employee ID and your self-service password. Initially, you will be given a password when you join the USPS department from the HR of USPS gov. But later you need to change the password due to privacy and security reasons. It advised you to create your password strong and safe for Liteblue account as Liteblue account hold sensitive information of yours which you would not want to be revealed.

When you try to change your Liteblue password then the screen of Liteblue Login page also suggest you create a safe password for Liteblue login portal. If you keep a safe password then any hacker will not be able to crack your password and your Liteblue account will remain safe. In case, if you don’t use a good complex password then any hacker or hacking software can easily crack your password in minutes.

If you are wondering how you can generate a safe and strong Liteblue account password then keep reading this article. In this in-depth article, I am going to show you how you can create a good and strong password for your Liteblue login portal which cannot be cracked by any password cracking software. We have explained ways of creating password manually and by tools both. You can use any of them which suits you.

What is Safe Liteblue Account Password?

Safe Liteblue account password is a combination of various characters which is used when you log in at Liteblue login portal so that your authentification can be verified. On almost all sites, passwords are used with either username or e-mail address to log in at that particular site. In the case of Liteblue login, the password is used along with employee ID of the employee to make sure that the person is genuine USPS employee.

If USPS employee has his employee ID and the self-service password then he can log in at Liteblue USPS portal. By creating a safe password for Liteblue means using special characters, numbers, and letters in the password. You have to follow some rules if you are creating a password for your Liteblue account which we have enlisted below. You should read them all and follow when you create Liteblue Login password.

  • The password length should be 8 to 16 Characters.
  • The Liteblue password should contain Alphabet letters A-Z (uppercase).
  • Your Liteblue password should contain Alphabet letters a-z (lowercase).
  • A Liteblue password should contain a number from 0-9
  • When you create a password then make sure you use special characters and those should be from [email protected]$%^*_+~ (Liteblue Login portal does not accept any other special characters in Liteblue Login password)

Pro Tip: Never use your personal information in your Liteblue account passwords like your name, email address, date of birth, your pet’s name or any other name which can be guessed by anyone easily.

It’s advisable to not to share your Liteblue login portal password with anyone. If someone asks your password personally or on a phone and claims that he is from USPS department then complain to USPS HR department immediately. Because USPS gov officials never ask password of their employees.

You should report to the USPS gov officials when you feel that your Liteblue account has been hacked by someone. You are also advised to make a new strong password immediately.

How To Create Safe LiteBlue Password with Password Generator Tool:

If you are not comfortable in creating Liteblue Login password manually then you should try using password generator tools. These tools are pretty good and they generate a good complex password which cannot be hacked by any hacker or password cracking tool. So, we will suggest you use a good password generator for creating a password for Liteblue account.

Below we are enlisting all those steps which you need to follow to generate a strong password using a password generator tool.

  • At first, open in the browser of your smartphone or PC when you are trying to create a password for your Liteblue account.
  • When you have open the site, you need to set your password length which can keep up to 16 characters.
  • Next checkmark the option of including symbols include numbers, include upper characters, include lower Characters and include with the numbers in next option.
  • Now, you need to click on generate a new safe password now button.
  • Next, you will see a password on the screen which you can copy and paste in the box of Liteblue password creating a screen.
  • Don’t forget to note down your password somewhere safe and remember it as soon as possible. Also, remove the password from the place where you had it noted so that it can not get in other person’s hands.


Final Words:

So, this was our step by step guide to creating safe Liteblue password by the manual method and by password generator tools. In case, if you are still not sure how you can create a strong and safe Liteblue Login password then you can ask us in the comment section and we will help you out as soon as possible.

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