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Looking for login page of Liteblue portal? If yes, you are in the right place. Liteblue USPS is a login portal where USPS employees can view the many information related to their employment like paystub, schedule, benefits etc. It’s a self-service portal where employees can place requests and update their personal details so that they don’t have to go to the government office and go through the manual procedure.

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What USPS Refers to?

No matter if the organization is private or government, they provide a self-service platform where they can manage their employee management program. To fulfill this requirement, United States Postal Service launched this portal named USPS. This organization has more than 5,00,000 employees working. To make employee management easy, the government has made this Liteblue USPS login page.

If you are an employee of United States Postal Service and you want to check various things like Payment slips, Timetable etc then you can easily check them on Liteblue USPS official site.

Now, you must have understood the term USPS. Next, let’s discuss what are the things you can check on LiteBlue USPS Official

  • You can check your income and USPS paystubs Details
  • You can schedule planning and manage Postal Ease.
  • The employee can daily schedule and company working hours.
  • You can edit and update Liteblue contact details on the portal.
  • If you have any complaints or feedback then you can submit them.
  • You can check the roadmap and Goals of the company here.
  • The employees can divide work with co-employees.

If you are an employee of USPS then you can get access to all these services after logging in Liteblue Login Portal.

Requirements for Liteblue USPS Login:

If you are a USPS employee then you don’t have to register yourself on the Liteblue USPS portal by yourself. You just need your employee ID and the Lite Blue USPS Self Service Password. If you have this two information then you will be able to login in Liteblue Login portal. Every employee of USPS is given their own separate employee ID and unique password. Not more than one employee can get the same employee ID however password may be the same in any case but it’s very rare and it does not affect Liteblue login procedure.

If you want to view or update your personal information in USPS then you have to log in Liteblue Employee Portal.

  • Employee ID: It’s better if you know your Employee ID already. If you don’t know it then you can find it on to the top of your earnings Statement. You can look for 8 digit number on your identity card. That is your Employee ID.
  • USPS Password: USPS officials have updated Liteblue USPS Password Security after April/28/2014. By this updations, you can use the same password for all the USPS services like eIdeas, eOPF, eReassign, PostalEASE and

Steps To Login in Liteblue USPS Gov:

Now if you have your Employee ID and USPS Self Service Password which is called SSP then you need to go to the official site of Liteblue USPS and enter these two details. You can register yourself in case if you have joined USPS recently and don’t have your SSP. In case, if you forgot your USPS Self Service Password then can reset your password from the same Liteblue login page.

  • Some sites have Google Authorization or any other image verification tools to make the security of the site stronger. But Liteblue USPS Gove has no such verification process because people other than USPS employees cannot log in because they don’t have a valid Employee ID.
  • If any non-USPS employee tries to login USPS login portal and messes with it then he can face various legal troubles and it can cause him jail.
  • Your first USPS password you will receive from HR team of USPS gov. This is not a permanent password because it’s only a temporary password which you can change whenever you want on the Liteblue login page.
  • No matter if you just got your temporary password from USPS HR team recently or it been a long time, whenever you change your USPS Self-service password then you should always make it strong so that any other person can not guess it and can log in with your USPS employee ID and password.
  • Employee ID can be known by any person by following your identity card but the password is the only thing which you generate and you are the only one person who knows the password.

Not only for USPS login portal but also for any other site, you should create a strong password so that your account on the particular site remains safe. You can create your password stronger by adding Upper Case, lower Case alphabetic letters, Numbers & Special Symbols. Remember this password should be unique and should not be your name etc which can be easily guessed by any other person.

If you are confused about setting your password then you can try any password generator online but you must have remembered that password because those online generated passwords are really complicated.

Liteblue Cybersecurity customer care & Email For Emergency Help:

In case your account has been hacked then you must Immediately contact to Cyber Security Center. You can contact them by call or you can just mail them at [email protected] If you don’t know Cybersecurity call number then here it is 1-866-877-7247. Cyber Security team is very active and you will instantly get the response and help by them.

Now you know how to create a safer and stronger password then its time to know How to Login USPS Liteblue which we are going to mention below.

How to Login Liteblue USPS Login Page Easily:

When you have employee ID and self-service password ready then you can log in at Liteblue Login portal.

  • At first, you need to visit the official Liteblue Login page which is
  • You can use this login page link on any device whether its a mobile or any PC.
  • Now, when you have opened Liteblue Login page then you can enter your employee ID in the employee ID field.
  • Next, you need to enter your Self Service password in the password field.
  • Now, click on the Sign in button after entering both the details.
  • Voila, you have successfully logged in at Liteblue USPS Gov site and you can access all your personal and other information related to USPS services.

How To Change or Reset Liteblue Login Password:

It’s not a big deal if you have forgotten your Liteblue Login password. We can reset it, you just have to go through the security of the Liteblue Login portal and make sure to them you are an authorized person who has really forgotten the password and trying to create a new password. You can reset your Liteblue login password and get access back to your account on Liteblue USPS portal. You just need to follow a process to reset the Self-service password which we are going to explain below.

  • Like the login process, you need to enter the Liteblue USPS official site address on your device’s browser which is
  • Now, click on Forget Your password option.
  • Once, you click on this option, you will be redirected to the SSP website.
  • If you are comfortable with entering the long address on your browser and do not want to use the link which we have mentioned previously then you can directly go to the password reset page by entering on your browser.
  • Once you are on the password reset page, enter your employee ID in the ‘Employee ID’ field and then click on ‘Verify Employee ID’ button.
  • You will get some onscreen prompts, just follow them carefully and you will be able to reset your LiteBlue USPS Login password.

How You Can Avoid Phishing Attacks on Liteblue Login Portal?

Now, you know all the login and creating Liteblue Login process but it’s not enough to know this information. You should always make sure that you don’t get trapped in any phishing attack. Now, you must be thinking what is this Phishing attack and how you will get trapped by it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to search yourself for this information. We have researched enough about phishing attack and we are explaining it here only.

The phishing attack is a type of hacking in which hacker tries to confuse you with login page replica. In simple word, the hacker creates a very similar page to the original site and make you log in on that page.

Now, we are talking about Liteblue Login phishing attack, so in this case, hacker created a similar page to the Liteblue login page and when you log in on that page with your Employee ID and self-service password thinking its a real liteblue Login page then that login details will be stored in the hacker’s database. Thus, a hacker can get your employee ID and password which he can misuse badly.

So, we always recommend you to log in at Liteblue Official site portal so that you cannot be trapped in such phishing attack.

When you change the address of your Liteblue account, the government charges you only $1 but some people are charging up to 50$. So, don’t get fooled by those schemes and do not share your login details with anyone when you can change your address on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions of Liteblue Login:

Many people face various type of issues and have many queries regarding Liteblue login. Most of the people face the same issues and they look for the solution of those issues. To help them out, we are covering those issues with explained solutions. You can find your query and solution of that below.

What is the best feature of Liteblue USPS Login?

Liteblue USPS portal offers various services to USPS employees. But among all services, there are two services which are best and you can access them by logging in Liteblue USPS Portal.

Paystub: If you want to check your monthly payment details then you can use this feature. You can also download your payment slips and print from there in PDF format.

Schedule:  This feature let you know any recent changes in the schedule of the company. You can also get your daily task, timetable etc by accessing this feature.

How To Log in to Liteblue USPS Login Page?

Many people don’t know how they can log in to Liteblue USPS gov portal. We have already explained the process and requirements of login above. If you this query then you can follow that.

What is My Liteblue Login ID?

In case, if you don’t know your Liteblue USPS ID then you can get it from identity card which the company has given to you. You will find 8 digit number on the card, that’s your Liteblue Login ID.

How To Reset Liteblue Login Password if forgotten?

Anyone can forget their Liteblue login password. You can reset it by clicking on Forgot your password option on the login page of the lite blue login page. If you want step by step details regarding then you can follow the process of resetting Liteblue password which we have explained above.

What are the consequences of not creating a new password?

If you are too lazy to create a new Liteblue login password then you must be thinking to skip this part. But wait, you have to create a new password because if you don’t create a new password then you will not able to access Liteblue Login, eOPF, and all other HR Service applications.

Final Words:

So, this was our step by step guide on Liteblue Login. Now you must be able to log in at Liteblue USPS Login portal. If we summerise all the post in a few words then we can say that you need to have your employee ID and Self-service password (SSP) in order to log in at Liteblue USPS login portal. Once you are logged in, you can easily access all the services of Liteblue portal. Also, make sure you are logging in to the official site of Liteblue USPS so that no one can hack your Liteblue account.


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